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LEE (William) ARNETT

Started the MOUNTAIN GAZETTE years ago.

Although he is not tech savvy, he has a passion to share and would like for you to read  his reflections:



A Few More Days

Once I was young and spry and strong, 

I had nothing to fear.

But time went on and I grew and calmed,

And settled down to live. 


“I’ll conquer the world,” I thought back then,

I’ll play games and fill with fun, my days.

I found the love that my life dreamed,

Had children, three in all,

We loved each other dearly,

Thought that together life would be.

Then came the harsh reality

This world cannot offer much.  

We keep it for a little while,

Then someone else gets the “stuff.” 


I’ve seen the years come, and quickly go.

So quickly they went by;

At eighty-one I’m well aware.

I widowed once, and it hurt so much.

I still walk memories lane.


And now, I’m old and look ahead.

That gate is clearly near.

At eighty-one I’m well aware

My stay’s not long for here.


But then one day, I know will change

From some stone marked resting place

I’ll hear the trumpet loud and clear,

And hear Him say, “I’m here!"


You see, no matter the time goes by

Still just a few more days,

Just a few more days,

Just a few more days, and I’ll go home.


My friend, will you join me when Jesus comes?

                                                         William Arnett

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