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LEE (William) ARNETT

Started the MOUNTAIN GAZETTE years ago.

Although he is not tech savvy, he has a passion to share and would like for you to read  his reflections:



A Few More Days

Once I was young and spry and strong, 

I had nothing to fear.

But time went on and I grew and calmed,

And settled down to live. 


“I’ll conquer the world,” I thought back then,

I’ll play games and fill with fun, my days.

I found the love that my life dreamed,

Had children, three in all,

We loved each other dearly,

Thought that together life would be.

Then came the harsh reality

This world cannot offer much.  

We keep it for a little while,

Then someone else gets the “stuff.” 


I’ve seen the years come, and quickly go.

So quickly they went by;

At eighty-one I’m well aware.

I widowed once, and it hurt so much.

I still walk memories lane.


And now, I’m old and look ahead.

That gate is clearly near.

At eighty-one I’m well aware

My stay’s not long for here.


But then one day, I know will change

From some stone marked resting place

I’ll hear the trumpet loud and clear,

And hear Him say, “I’m here!"


You see, no matter the time goes by

Still just a few more days,

Just a few more days,

Just a few more days, and I’ll go home.


My friend, will you join me when Jesus comes?

                                                         William Arnett



Why Have I Chosen the Seventh Day?

First of all, thank you for allowing me to bare my soul in this treatise about something that is very precious to me. I would not share this information except for the fact that yours truly has been truly blessed, and wants to share it in a loving way so that all who choose to can share in the bountiful blessings that only time sat aside for holy time can give. Before I say anything, I want to lay my soul at the feet of Jesus in prayer. I invite you to join me in doing so.


Heavenly Father,

Thank You for Your Word. Thank You for the wonderful gift that You have given us where we can come apart for a full day each week, and spend that time, just the two of us with fellow believers and enjoy the time together. Please enable us to follow this gift to its fullest.

In Jesus Name,



The Sabbath was given to mankind as a very special gift. God did not ask Adam and Eve to go to work right away, but instead invited them to come apart and fellowship with Him. You can read about this in Genesis 1:27, 28 and 2:1,2.

It has never been popular to observe the Sabbath. You and I are both well aware that we live in a world filled with sin, and understand that Satan, who brought the sin problem in, takes great delight in destroying what our gracious God has done. In Exodus, chapter twenty (20) that people had chosen to forget then, too. “Remember.” He also states why the Sabbath was made. “For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, and the sea, and all that in them is.” Exodus 20:11.


If the Sabbath were observed by His children, atheists and evolutionists would have no basis for existence.

Jesus Himself set the example. In Luke 4:16 we are reminded that “Jesus, as his custom was, went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day, and stood up for to read.” And in Mark’s description of the crucifixion it is stated that they “went and prepared spices and ointments, and rested on the Sabbath day according to the commandment.”

In Matthew twenty four (24) where Jesus told His disciples about the destruction of Jerusalem, He reminded them, “And pray that your flight be not in winter, nor on the Sabbath.”


In Isaiah we are told that every week, we will all come before the Creator and worship. I do not think that any of us would even think of going to sleep when Jesus Himself would preach the Sabbath morning sermon! You won’t need to hold back on the “Hallelujahs” and “Amens” there.

So, brothers and sisters, don’t be surprised when the world thinks of you as different. You will wonderfully be. The true Christian has never been a remodeled worldling. He and she are a brand new person in Jesus Christ our Lord. Until the day when we can worship at Jesus feet  . . . Happy Sabbath!

William Arnett

It Seemed Right  . . .  But . . .


Come with me to a special garden – in fact, the very first garden on planet earth. God had just finished creating it. Its lush beauty showed it to be something special. A river flowed through that garden. On the banks of that river stood the Tree of Life. There was one other tree, too. On that other tree a creature  (a serpent) rested. Behind that creature was one who led a rebellion in heaven.


Eve came by, and the rebellious one ventriloquizes through the serpent to get Eve’s attention. Being the master of deceiving questions, he asks Eve, “Has God not allowed you to eat of every tree in the garden?” Startled, she did not speak for a few moments. Caught by surprise she haltingly said, “God has said that if we eat of this tree we will die.”

The serpent lets out a laugh. Then picking some fruit, began to eat. “See, I am eating and I am not dying. You are being cheated. God wants to hold something good back from you. He’s like that.”


Eve thought for a moment, and reasoned, “That sounds right. Maybe something is being withheld from me that would really help me.” She reached out, picked some fruit and rushed to help her husband enjoy the advantage.

It sounded right – what the serpent said. Made sense – but was it true? As you look around, just remember that it was something that sounded right that brought the curse of sin and death to our planet. That act brought led to the agonies of Calvary. 


Just because it sounds right, does not make it right. That’s why the Bible was written. Read it. Believe in the Savior and live.


A business man did not look with eager anticipation to this business trip. He had an appointment in Jericho and he knew all too well the dangers that lay ahead. Some of his friends had taken the route and a few of them had been robbed. Two or three had been killed as they traveled that route.

But the matter was urgent, so go he he must. All went well for the first half of the journey, but as he went through an overgrown turn in the road, he heard voices, and that filled his heart with fear. From both sides of the road men emerged. Immediately he was attacked, robbed, and beaten, and left for dead.


Surely someone would see him! He felt the vibration of foot steps, and pulling himself up to look in that direction he saw a priest coming by, but to his dismay, the priest did not even look, but kept going. 


More time passed, and a Levite came, looked at him for a few moments, then fearing for his own safety, moved on.

Time passed, then he heard the clip clop of donkey’s hooves. When it came to where he was, the sound stopped. He heard foot steps, and felt someone begin to wash his wounds. He felt bandages being applied, and felt the stranger lift him up, help him mount the donkey and ever so gently guide the donkey as it traveled to Jericho. 

At last they came to Jericho, and he heard the man make arrangements for his care. The last words he heard were: “Take care of him. When I return if this is not enough, I will pay you more.”


Read Revelation 22:17 with me please: “And the Spirit and the Bride say come, let him that heareth say, come. And whosoever will, let him take of the water of life freely.”


Jesus found us by the road of life, all beaten, bruised, and ready to die. He sacrificed Himself so that we would not have to.


Come to Him. Love Him. Obey Him.



The excitement of ownership is highest when something is new. But, as time goes by, other new things grab our attention. As luster begins to fade, and little by little, those objects lose their attraction, and, invariably, the final destination is the garbage dump.

I have heard an illustration that perhaps best illustrates the fallacy of this concept. The story is told of an auction that was being held. Near the end of the auction, the auctioneer held up an old beat-up violin. At this point he opened it up for bids.

“Who’ll give me one  . . . who’ll give me two . . .  who’ll give me three? Going once, going twice –“

From the back of the room an old man cried out, “Sir, may I play the violin? Please let me play before the auction closes.” The auctioneer thought for a moment, and consented. The old man stumbled forward and gently took the old violin from the auctioneer’s hand.

Gently dusting the battered instrument, he tuned the strings. Taking some resin from his pocket, he waxed the bow, place the old violin into position and began to play. With unsurpassed skill the old man played one masterpiece after another.

The old man handed the violin to the auctioneer and sat down. An awed silence held the crowd captive, each person weighing in his or her own mind that sometimes throw-aways are anything but.

The auctioneer opened the bidding again, “Who’ll give me a thousand? . . . who’ll give me two? . . . who’ll give me three? Going once, going twice, gone.”

What made the difference? Just like the old violin, we are ready to be counted virtually worthless. Jesus the Master Musician, picks us up, dusts us off, tunes us, and begins to play. Under His power we bring forth heavenly music.

The old violin was still battered and bruised, it would never be an instrument of beauty again. You see, it was the touch of the Master’s Hand.

One day the Bible pictures the time when God will make all things new. The old violin will never experience the resurrection, but God’s children will. God will take throw-away people who come to Him, and make someone new and beautiful of them.

Just like the old violin, we are battered, beat-up and bruised. And just like the old violin we need the makeover of the Makeover Hand.


- Unseen Protection -

Some years ago I read the story of one of the persecuted Christians of the Middle Ages who was running for his life. It was a dark night, and he saw the forest ahead, that could shelter him, and between the darkness and the trees would keep him from being seen. So he headed toward the forest. He knew the territory well, and he knew the trail well. So forward he pressed. He must put as much distance between himself and his pursuers as possible as fast as possible.

So he pressed on. Suddenly he heard a distinct voice shout “Stop! Danger ahead.” He stopped and began to examine the trail, and discovered to his horror that the next step would plummet him to his death, for a precipice was just ahead. He would have fallen on the rocks two hundred feet below.

The kings of Israel and Syria weren’t getting along too well. So they did what kings do. They got their armies together and fought each other. Every time the King of Syria planned an attack to settle the issue involved, the armies of Israel were not there to meet them. Immediately he suspected that there might be spies in the ranks. But what was really happening was even more unusual than that. The king wanted to find out what was going on, so he called everyone together and called an investigation.


He soon learned that he was dealing with not just Israel, but he was also dealing with the God of Heaven and Earth. In todays’ language, one of his advisers said: “Your majesty, before you fall asleep at night, the King of Heaven knows where you are going to be, so he tells the Prophet Elisha, and Elisha tells the King of Israel. None of us are traitors, your majesty.”

So the King sends out spies, and learns that Elisha is now in Dothan. So he sends his army and surrounds the city. Elisha’s servant comes out, and sees the vast army of Syrians, and runs terrified to Elisha. Elisha calms his servant down and tells him, “Don’t worry, there are more with us than with them.”


Elisha calmly goes out, and as he does, he prays: “Lord, Strike the people with blindness. Immediately the whole Syrian army is blinded. Elisha walks up to the lead chariot and says, “You may have chosen the wrong place. I’ll lead you to the right place. Taking the reins of the horses, he leads the entire Syrian Army right into the capital of Israel, prays that their eyes will be opened and they discover that they themselves are the captives.


God settled this situation in a way to bring peace and reconciliation to both nations. From that day forward, Israel and Syria were at peace with each other.


Two people are enemies. They cannot stand each other. Each is looking for a way to “make their enemy pay for what they did.” Let the love of Jesus enter the picture, things are different. Before it was “back and forth, back and forth.” Is peace possible? Absolutely! “Love worketh no ill to his neighbor, therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.”

What happened next? The king asked Elisha, “What shall I do? Shall I kill them?” Elisha replied: “No, feed them well, and send them peacefully back home.”


The Syrian Army was given a banquet, and allowed to return home. 

The Bible records that the King of Syria never attacked Israel again. God settled the issue in a way to bring reconciliation to both nations. Peace reigned between Israel and Syria.


The same often is made to mankind for peace today. It’s very simple: “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all they heart, and with all thy soul, and with all they mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like until it, “Thou shall love they neighbor as thyself.” Matthew 22:37-38


In this world we need to have God’s protection constantly. Just as like the people of Israel, issues need to be settled in a peaceful manner. God’s love alone can accomplish this. His unseen help is available to all who ask in faith.


- At The Altar -

It has been a lot of summers that have come and gone since that Sabbath many years ago when yours truly reached the decision that I no longer wanted to fight on the losing side in the battle for life. Much water has gone under the bridge since that Sabbath afternoon in the spring of 1952 when I sealed my choice by being baptized. It was during the revival meeting that led to that decision that stands out in my memory the strongest. It was the closing night of the revival meetings when the battle was fought. I knew that the decision that I was called upon to make had very definite consequences.

I do not remember the title of the sermon, but I do recall sitting in the church pew as the pastor gave the invitation for those who chose to follow Jesus all the way. My heart longed for a new life in Jesus, and at the same time within my soul, the old person of sin had an equally strong will to survive. The struggle inside was intense to the point to where my knuckles on my hands were turning white. That was the last that I remember until a few moments later I found myself standing with those at the altar of the church in full surrender.

I have never regretted that moment. The struggle was intense, but the victory was complete. Friend, each one of us is going to face that choice in our lives. I write this to say to you that this decision is never easy. I know from experience the struggle and I know from experience the joy of victory in Jesus. That was seventy two years ago. If you have not made that choice, so so now. You will never regret it. The friendship of Jesus is one that will never fade.


- Always a Hundred Yards Ahead -

Years and years ago I was told that there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. So one day I decided to check it out for myself. We had just enjoyed a good shower. Mist lingered. I was headed for home and I was just about a mile or two away. There was a beautiful rainbow, so I decided to check it out whether it was true or not. So I started walking.

I got the first one hundred yards and checked, and when I did, I discovered that the rainbow was still one hundred yards ahead. Ok, well, maybe at the next checkpoint. So forward I pressed as fast as my childish legs would take me. But, to my frustration, I discovered that the rainbow was still one hundred yards ahead. Low level childhood anger set in at this stage.

So I pressed on. Another hundred yards away. Why can’t I have that pot of gold that I was working so hard for? This time disappointment set in and a helpless feeling began to creep over me.

“Oh well, one more time.” I did. And by that time the rain was almost stopped and the rainbow began to fade and disappear. I looked, and guess what? That pot of gold was not there and the childish dream that I had built up burst like a bubble.

Could I draw an analogy? Earthly riches are that way. Always enticing us on, saying, “One more try, one more try, one more try. You’ll have it, just one more try and it will be yours.” So we press on. The problem is, even if we do find our treasure, we find that it is little more than some tinsel and trinkets with no real eternal value.

“Try this and you will be happy” is the fable that is pressed on our mind. It has one big problem. It is always and elusive prize until we reach the point time merges with eternity for us. It evaporates and leaves us empty with nothing to show for our lives.

Jesus, on the other hand, has a real city, and it will be inhabited by real people, enjoying an eternal relationship. And on the cross, Jesus made the guarantee and we can begin to enjoy some of the promises now. And then, when we come to the merging of time with eternity, it will be real. There will not be an elusive goal, always a hundred yards ahead.


- Thoughts For My Young Friend -

Can I talk heart to heart with you? You are facing some decisions that are very important to face, but it is not something that comes all at once. You have to grow into it through childhood and youth and receive it in small packages as you grow up. You should allow yourself from birth to eighteen to twenty years to get the training necessary to survive on your own.

Friend, freedom comes in cooperation with others, to learn, to listen, and sometimes to surrender your wants and your desires. And yours truly has learned that it is not having your own way, but working together with God and to others who are working toward the same goal. Your mom, your dad, those whom God has placed in your path to help you grow, put together withholding on to the right, gives you freedom not determined by your surroundings.

My suggestion: go for your freedom, but unless you are careful, the things that you use to get your freedom, can make a slave of you for life. Freedom comes only from faith in God, trusting in Christ, and loving others. Just like a wheel, what goes around, comes around.

My suggestion: go for your freedom, but unless you are careful, the things that you use to get your freedom, can make a slave of you for life. Freedom comes only from faith in God, trusting in Christ, and loving others. Just like a wheel, what goes around, comes around.

Dear young friend, physical circumstances do not alone determine your freedoms. Freedom comes not from following our way, but in following God’s way. The Bible reminds us that there is a way that seems right to a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

Jesus offers freedom and life. Satan offers freedom and – “I do it my way!” With Jesus it is guaranteed, with the devil it is a deception. Please think carefully.


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